Professional journals and magazines

Title Description
Death Studies This acclaimed journal provides refereed papers on significant research, scholarship, and practical approaches in the fast growing areas of bereavement and loss, grief therapy, death attitudes, suicide, and death education. It provides an international interdisciplinary forum in which a variety of professionals share results of research and practice, with the aim of better understanding the human encounter with death and assisting those who work with the dying and their families.
Grief Digest Magazine Grief Digest Magazine is a reader-friendly magazine which includes the best writers and speakers in the field of bereavement. The magazine provides interesting articles on coping and dealing with grief, help for the caregiver.
Grief Matters: The Australian Journal of Grief and Bereavement The journal Grief Matters: The Australian Journal of Grief and Bereavement has been published by the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement since 1998, and encompasses both academic and applied aspects of grief and bereavement.
Illness, Crisis and Loss Illness, Crisis & Loss is the resource that furthers your understanding and knowledge of the psychosocial and ethical issues associated with life-threatening illness, traumatic human crises, grief, and loss. The broad focus of the journal makes it relevant to a wide range of professionals and scholars, such as grief counselors, therapists, social workers, thanatologists, physicians and nurses, medical ethicists, and anyone else who works with people in crisis situations.
Journal of Loss and Trauma The Journal of Loss & Trauma highlights common as well as differing impacts of major losses while revealing commonalities of the various healing processes. Interdisciplinary in its approach, the journal publishes empirically-oriented papers, case studies with intervention strategies, point-counterpoint discussions, theoretical analyses, essays on concepts or links among relevant fields, and therapeutic approaches. Book reviews are also regular features.
Mortality Mortality is essential reading for those in the field of death studies and in a range of disciplines, including anthropology, art, classics, history, literature, medicine, music, socio-legal studies, social policy, sociology, philosophy, psychology and religious studies. The journal is also of special interest and relevance for those professionally or voluntarily engaged in the health and caring professions, in bereavement counselling, the funeral industries, and in central and local government.