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All of us have experienced, or will experience, a loss which will impact us at some level -- from mild to debilitating. These losses may come from the death of a family member, friend or colleague; loss of a pet; loss of health; loss of job; or a divorce or loss of friendship or other relationship. For many, finding the resources to help us in this time of need can be difficult.

Grieflink is designed to provide a wide range of resources, information and sources of help to people who have experienced a loss and are grieving, or for those who wish to help someone who is experiencing grief and loss.

GriefLink includes:

  • Profiles of professional grief therapists, coaches and counselors who provide services in one-on- one, family or support group settings
  • Profiles of organizations that provide grief support groups and other related professional services
  • Information and articles on a wide range of related grief-related topics
  • Profiles of grief educators and authors
  • Information about forthcoming Presentations by grief educators
  • An online store with a wide range of books and other products
  • Grief and Loss in the News Blog, where we try to capture interesting news articles on the topic of grief and loss, and give you the opportunity to comment on them.

Anyone can search the site for information resources. Please see our Terms of Service. Please be aware that a listing on our site does not imply an endorsement or recommendation by GriefLink, LLC.

If you are a professional or organization and wish to create a profile to become a professional member, please learn about Membership Benefits.

We hope you find Grieflink a useful resource. If you have suggestions how we can improve it, please email us.

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