FAQs for Visitors

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Is there a cost for me to use Grieflink?
There is absolutely no cost for you to use Grieflink.com. Our objective is to help people who need resources in the area of grief and loss to find what they need quickly, easily and without charge.
Do I need to register to use Grieflink?
Not unless you wish to participate in our blogs or forums.  Or, if you are professional, and wish to list your business, then you must register. 
There are no professionals or support groups listed in my geographical area. What should I do?
We are building our list of professionals, but do not have full coverage yet. You may be in an area where there are few or no professional resources within a reasonable traveling distance. In this case, you may wish to resort to a telephone-based or internet based support model. If you do find a professional or a support group locally that you think is good, then please let them know about Grieflink.com.
I sent a message to one of the grief professionals on the site, but they have not responded. What should I do?
Most of the professionals have indicated the best way to contact them. If you emailed someone who does not check their emails often, then they will most likely get back to you in the next few days. Alternatively, you may want to call them on the number listed to get a quicker response.
What if there is no contact information for a professional listed on the site?
If there is no contact information on a professional's profile, the professional has decided not to be a premium member and thus his or her information is not shown.