Divorce and Grief

Divorce grief can also be complicated, often because there may be other emotions at play, such as anger. Friends may not know what to say, may take sides, or get angry with you or your ex spouse. We may not even know that we are grieving, because of the anger or fear that we are feeling. Our immediate family members may grieve in different ways.

 Like with grief from other losses, give yourself permission to grieve. Take the time you need, and give yourself time slots for "letting go" so that you can cry and sob as needed.

Unlike grief from the death of a loved one, you are likely to see your ex-spouse, especially if you have children. That can be tough if you are still grieving the loss of your marriage. However, for the sake of your children and your own legacy you will want to be strong and work through the process of grief.

There are divorce "recovery" groups in many communities. Sometimes it is helpful to be with other people who are going through what you are, and with the help of a skills facilitator, you can work through the process.