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2017. How did we get here? Each of us have our own story, our own path on our journey called life. A new year signals newness, new opportunities, even resolutions of ways we want to change, grow, or evolve.

What happens when our path takes a turn that we didn’t expect or want? For... more

From Beloit Daily News

This article describes some excellent tips for the holidays.

"The holidays are especially difficult for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

... more

Grief and Loss Can Blindside Us


I’m stirring the pot. After boiling seven bushels of gorgeous roma tomatoes, we crushed them into a stainless steel cauldron and now it’s my turn to prevent the sauce from sticking to the bottom while it blends with garlic and dried basil from the garden. Keep it moving. Don’t let it... more

by Ashley David Bush, LCSW.  From Huffiington Post

Feeling sad and grieving when your child goes off to college is not unusual at all.  Many parents feel grief while at the same time feeling the joy of their child's successes and the new adventures they will have. 

This article... more


by Rev. Becky Evans Glass in Daily Press

"Grief is a universal emotion. Each year there are two to three million deaths in the United States alone. The impact death has on a family has prompted researchers to seek to understand the many ways people respond to death and loss.

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Good Article from Huffington Post.

Click here.



from Straits Times

The author provides a good list of the things you can do to help somone who is losing a loved one. 

... more

By Anya Sostek / PIttsburgh Post-Gazette

This article speaks to the various things that are not helpful that are sometimes said to grieving people, and gives suggestions for things to say that are more supportive. 

... more

BYU-Idaho:  by Chesea Rutter


Divorce can be a difficult experience, especially as a young adult. As of 2014, 4 percent of millennials aged 18 to 33 were divorced, according to a Pew Research Center study. Divorce leads to great mental and emotional change for a person, but it... more


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