Grief and provides help and hope to people who are grieving, or who wish to help others who are grieving. You can find professional help in your area in our directory of professionals

Comprehensive Resource For Those Experiencing Grief is a comprehensive resource for people who are facing a loss and experiencing grief, for people who want to help someone who is grieving, and for finding professionals who help people who are grieving or in the process of bereavement.
In addition to information in English and Spanish (see the Learn More tab) and articles on grief, loss and bereavement  (see the Articles tab), we have a directory of grief professionals, including therapists, counselors, coaches, trainers, attorneys, funeral service companies, financial specialists, and artists, all of whom are available to help grieving people with various aspects of the grief and bereavement process.

Grief Is a Natural Reaction

Losing someone or something you love or care about deeply causes a natural reaction called grief. Everyone experiences it differently, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Children experience losses and grieve too, though they do not always express it in the same way as adults. More information about child grief can be found on our site, including articles on child grief written by our members.

Featured Grief Therapist

Megine Devine

Refuge in Grief

Megan Devine is a licensed psychotherapist, writer, and teacher. In addition to her clinical experience, she has real-life grief street cred - she was widowed at the age of 38 when her strong, healthy partner drowned a few months before his 40th birthday.
As a licensed psychotherapist and a person who has lived incredible grief, she offers unconditional support, guidance, and practical encouragement to those in pain.

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